You are not alone | 2021 | Short Documentary

Role: Director, Producer, Writer, Cinematographer,Colorist, Editor
One of the most famous actors in Jordan struggling into communicating with his daughter after the separation from his ex-wife, although his career is based on communication with the audience, but he is not able to do so with his own daughter. He has a lot of talks to tell his daughter about, but according to the current situation, he is not able to do so.

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Hemingwhy | 2021 | Short Fiction

Role: Director, Producer, Writer
Najeeb is a washed Jordanian artist, indulges in his dreams, believing that he is the most famous Arab writer. He collides with some facts in a society that does not appreciate art and is hopeless, especially after the book launch ceremony, which represents the pinnacle of his artistic life. Standing in front of a crossroads between his pink world or a faded reality.

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Ro'ya future decade | 2021 | Tv commercial

Role: Producer, Colorist
Ro'ya Tv is one of the pioneer Tv stations in Jordan, Celebrating its future decade.

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Half Citizen | 2019 | Short Documentary

Role: Director, Producer, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor
A short documentary portrays the life of the non-Jordanian children of Jordanian mothers in addition to the obstacles and difficulties that they face. According to the Jordanian laws the Jordanian Mothers can not pass their citizenship to their children if they are married to non-Jordanian men.

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Past 120 | 2018 | Short Fiction

Role: Producer, Cinematographer, Editor
A nurse working in a gynecological clinic refuses to participate in abortion process of a fetus that is more than 4 months old, but she is being pressured by the doctor, will she participate in this process or not?

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Internal Bleeding | 2017 | Short Fiction

Role: Co-Writer, Editor
A young middle eastern man who is very individual struggles to fit in a community where being different is not an option. Trying to be himself and fit in the community proves to be more difficult than it seems.

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